Dimensions: 5 x 7 inches
Rustic, country or Barn wedding? This invitation is perfect for any of these. A very elegant and warm dark brown pocket folder with the combination of real wood paper. A burlap band enclosures the folder with a personalized tag. On the inside, you can find also a rustic combination of the wood paper and a jute twine knot on the top to enhance the invitation.
This wedding invitation package includes the following items: Fully assembled and embellished multi-layer invitation
1. 5x7" dark brown pocket folder (with cream linen mailing envelope)
2. burlap enclosure band with multi layered tagm
3. Multi layered Invitation
4. Multi layered RSVP card (with cream linen mailing envelope)
5. Multi layered Enclosure card 1 (ie. accommodations, directions, reception, etc.) Additional Enclosure cards available for $.75 each Different colors available for the mailing boxes, envelopes, mats, and pocket folder.

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